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Boy Scout Troop 49
(Oconomowoc, Wisconsin)
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We all have one shot with our children as youths. The time with them is very short and very precious. This is our moment this is your time, Please make the most of it with us in Troop 49. If you want your son to have a fun long lasting experience in scouting IT IS CRITICAL that you participate in his experience. Troop 49 has a very active program we need all the adult leadership help we can get in order to run our programs and have fun.

You do not have to have Scouting experience. It is not necessary for certain tasks within the troop. If training is required we will assist you along the way. We would like at least one parent from each Scout’s family to do one or more of the following; register as an adult leader, serve in a committee position, be an assistant or coordinate a Troop event.

Parents can help support the Troop and our program in many other ways. Here are a few ideas:
1) Adult Leadership: Sign up as an adult leader, committee member or a special roll such as fundraising, advancement chair, treasurer, Committee Chairman, etc.
2) Troop Committee Meetings: Attend troop committee meetings. We need your input and participation to make Troop 49 thrive. Meetings are held on the First Thursday of every month.
3) Troop Meetings: Come to our troop meetings as much as possible and the Courts of Honor. This shows your scout that your committed to their progress and proud of their accomplishments.
4) Eagle Courts of Honor: Please come and attend this very special event. Only 4% of all Scouts become Eagles and hopefully some day we can attend your scouts Eagle Court of Honor.
5) Camp Outings: If you are interested in running or help running a camp it would be greatly appreciated. It is time with your young scouts that you will never regret and always cherish.
6) Coordinate an Event: We need parents to suggest, coordinate or assist in events that their scouts might want to do. Scouting should be fun and we want to put on events that scouts will have fun doing.
7) Merit Badge Counselor: A great Service to the Troop is to become a Merit Badge Counselor. Pick a topic you enjoy and be a part of their journey towards the rank advancement and Eagle.
8) Rank Advancement: Encourage your Scout to work on his advancements located at the back of hi scout book. Let him know you are interested in his accomplishments. It is through advancement that scouts benefits most from the program because the advancement opens him to new experiences and adventures. Scouting is no different then a sport. Your scout needs to practice, practice, practice in order to get anything good out of it.

At any time during the year if you have any questions about Troop 49 plans or operations, please feel free to contact any of the Leaders or Troop Committee identified on the Troop Roster.
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