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Boy Scout Troop 49
(Oconomowoc, Wisconsin)
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Help Wanted!!!!

There are many ways to help the Troop function
and play an active role in your son's experience. 
Please review the list of the areas where help is needed,
and the attached Troop Committee Positions document.

Icon File Name Comment  
Troop 49 Committee positions_2014.pdf  
We Need You- 2016.pdf  

Roundtable Attendance

Roundtable is a meeting put on by the Potawatomi Area Council, for all units in the Council.

It is held the first Wednesday of every month, from 7pm to 8pm, at St. John's Lutheran Church, 20275 Davidson Rd. in Brookfield, from September to May. 

The meeting is great opportunity to meet other leaders and the PAC staff, learn about activities going on in the Council, and bring important information back to the Troop.

We need at least two adults to attend the meeting each month.  Wear a BSA uniform if you have one. 
If you can attend or need more information, please contact Martin Castillo at .

Secretary Position is OPEN

The Secretary attends Troop Committee Meetings, takes the minutes, and distributes the minutes to the Committee after the meeting.  As part of the Committee, the secretary contributes to the discussion and votes during the meetings.  
Please contact Jennifer McCarthy to learn more about this important and necessary job.

Camp Adult Coordinators and Assistants

All Troop Camps need an adult Coordinator and additional adults.

The Coordinator will coordinate scout and adult registration, merit badge registration, trailer logistics, and communication with the Troop and Long Lake.  Adults are also needed to stay at camp for the week and help the SPL run the camp. 

The lead adult for a Troop Camp is required to have current Oak Leaf Training.

Troop 49 usually attends:
Outdoorsman Meritbadge Camp in May
Home Improvement in June
Long Lake Summer Camp in June or July
Devil's Lake in September or October

Devil's Lake Campout Adult Assistants 2018

Devil's Lake Hike and Camporee is a campout put on by Badger Trails, Inc.  The campout is September 28-30, 2018

Boy and Girl Scout Troops and Packs come to this event to hike the trails and attend the evening dances- for scouts above and below age 14.  Usually there is a 2.5 mile morning hike and a 2.5 mile afternoon hike- so scouts can earn the 5-mile hike rank requirement.

The Event Coordinator promotes the event through the SPL, gathers permission forms, sends in the registration, secures necessary adults (usually 6).  This is a good camp for parents (extra adults) to attend and learn more about the Patrol Method and how a Troop 49 Boyscout camp is run.

All adult participants must have current YPT.  At least two adults should have Oak Leaf Training.  Other details are available from past coordinators.

Webelos Campout Event Adult Assistants 2018

Webelos Camp is a campout put on by Troop 49 intended to familiarize local Packs with the Boyscouts and adult leadership of Troop 49, and providing the cubscouts with a way to meet their overnight with a Troop requirement for their Arrow of Light.  

Webleos Camp is traditionally held in Fall at Launder Farm.  Past activities have included launching water rockets, model rockets, a Percy Jackson theme (Camp Half-cub), orienteering and geocaching on site.  The cubscouts have also enjoyed just playing football with the Boyscouts, and chess, fussball, and board games in the barn.  A movie has been shown in the barn at night, and a campfire if possible.

Assist the Event Coordinator for the Camp- put your spin on the fun and activities.  Work with the Spring SPL and Troop adult leadership to develop the program to promote Troop 49 as a boy-led troop of active scouts who enjoy camping, outdoor cooking, and earning merit badges and rank advancements.

All adult participants must have current YPT.  At least two adults should have Oak Leaf Training.  Adults from Packs must also have Current YPT, supply permission slips for cubscouts, and hold the cubscouts' medical forms and medicines.  

Date will be chosen 4 months prior to the event, and promotion to local Packs should occur two-three months before the event. Other details are available from past coordinators.

Adult Volunteering

At times parents of scouts look to see what they can do to help in the troop. Boy Scout troops have what is called the “outdoor program” and the “non-outdoor program”. The “outdoor program” is just that- being outside or camping; it can also include helping to plan an event. The “non-outdoor program” can consist of planning an event, being a merit badge counselor, or being part of the troop committee. What the Troop asks as you consider where you want to help is for you to check your level of comfort and maybe push it a little, okay maybe push it a lot. We know everyone has it in them to help.

Outdoor Program: If you happen to be someone who is comfortable in the outdoor program, that’s great. Troop 49 averages one or more outdoor events each month throughout the year. The scouts need adult participation for this type of program. It does take commitment on the part of the adult, it doesn’t happen all by itself. To be part of the outdoor program BSA National policy requires specialized training. It starts out by completing Youth Protection Training; this can be done online at If you want to expand your training you can take Safe Swim Defense, Climb on Safely, Hazardous Weather and more, all of which can be done online. Additionally you can participate in “Outdoor Leadership Training” or as our Council calls it, Oakleaf Training. This last type of training goes deeper into how a troop runs, first aid, knots and lashings, fire starting, backpacking, orienteering and more. Troop 49 requires at least one adult on an overnight campout be Oakleaf trained.

Non-Outdoor Program: The non-outdoor part of a Boy Scout troop is just as important as the outdoor program. Without this part a troop cannot exist. One aspect is the Troop Committee. This is made up of a Committee Chair, Advancement Coordinator, Outdoor Activities Coordinator, Newsletter, Webmaster, Recruitment, Treasurer, Chaplin, Court of Honor, Secretary and more. Events that need planning include Scouting for Food, Merit Badge Clinics, Courts of Honor, campouts, cantina nights, etc. Everyone has an important part in running this part of the troop. New families serve alongside those who have served the troop for years. We are always looking for people to help.

Merit Badge Counselors: Another part of the non-outdoor program is that of Merit Badge Counselor. There are 135 merit badges available to all scouts. In order for a scout to be eligible to reach the rank of Eagle he must complete 21 merit badges of which 13 are Eagle required. The process starts by receiving a signed blue card from the Scoutmaster then meeting with a Merit Badge Counselor. This is where we need you! There is always a need for an adult to be a merit badge counselor; this is so scouts have someone in our troop who will help them work on their merit badges. In addition, they see that adults are interested in their growth so they too will become more interested. The process is rather easy for an adult to become a Counselor. The first step is to get trained, which is free, easy and takes less than 45 minutes to become trained. This training is provided by experienced people who are part of the Council Advancement team.

We ask that adults take on at least an assistant role in one or more of the programs or leadership positions. This allows for seamless transitions as adults move on. If you have questions go up to an adult wearing a Scout uniform and ask what you can do.

Your time with your son and scouting is short. This is a once in a lifetime experience with him. Make the most of it!!