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Boy Scout Troop 49
(Oconomowoc, Wisconsin)
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Troop 49 Committee

Committee Chair:
Mrs. Jennifer McCarthy
Mr. Mike Neimon
New Scout Leader
Mr. Jon Looman
Fundraising Coordinator:
Mrs. Michelle Tobias
Mrs. Lynn Simonen
Advancement Coordinator:
Mrs. Aggie Hanson
Mrs. Penny Tahtinen
Training Coordinator:
Mr Bill Keefe
Court of Honor Coordinator:
Mrs. Faith Winiecke
Recruiting Coordinator: 
Mrs. Jennifer McCarthy
Equipment Coordinator:
Mr, Thomas Graham
Mrs. Renee Hong

Outdoor Activities Coordinator:
Mr. Scott Reynen
Order of the Arrow Adviser:
Mr. Ed Marek
Medical Coordinator:
Camp Coordinator
Public Relations:
Mrs Jann Fujimoto

Mr. Jon Looman

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Troop Structure

Troop Organizational Structure

All units have an executive structure that represents the Charter Organization and the Troop; at the top is the Charter Executive Officer followed by the Charter Organization Representative. These two positions are the Unit’s Executive Representatives.

Charter Executive Officer- this person is selected by the Charter Organization. The Executive Officer of the Chartered Organization, by signature, certifies that the organization approves all applications. The Executive Officer also certifies that the organization has approved all registering adults. In BSA units, the responsibility for approval of adults can also be given to the Chartered Organization Representative. The Chartered Organization certifies that all registered adults subscribe to the Declaration of Religious Principle, Policy of Nondiscrimination, and the Scout Oath and Promise. Adults agree to be guided by the Charter Bylaws, Troop Bylaws, and the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America. In Troop 49 the Charter Executive is Mr. George Finch.

Charter Organization Representative (COR)- this person, on behalf of the troop, is the liaison between the Unit and the Charter Organization. This person will report all Troop activities, progress, and any requests to the Charter Organization and will report the Charter Organization activities and requests to the Unit. The Charter Org Rep will encourage the troop to have a strong program in place, encourage proper adult and youth training and, on behalf of the Charter Organization, will approve all adult applications for the unit. In Troop 49 the COR is Mr. Ed Marek

Following the Charter Executive Officer and Charter Org Rep are the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair.

The Scoutmaster- as head of the youth program, this person guides and trains the youth leadership, recruits and maintains the adult Assistant Scoutmasters (ASM), who than assist in all areas of the youth program including development and advancement for rank and merit badges. The Scoutmaster will report to the Charter Executive Officer and Charter Org Rep when requested. The Scoutmaster will be asked to report to the Troop Committee and/or Committee Chair on the Troop’s program, planning, advancement, program development, and issues or problems within the Troop. All ASM’s are selected by the Scoutmaster, are then approved by adult application by the Charter Org Rep. In Troop 49 this is Mr. Mike Neimon.

The Committee Chair- this role is head of the troop business side that includes finance, fundraising, Troop re-charter, troop policy, directs requests by the Scoutmaster to allow the youth program success, reports to the Charter Executive Officer and Charter Org Rep as requested, and also recruits adult members to serve on the Troop Committee. New committee members recruited by the Committee Chair are then approved by adult application by the Charter Org Rep. In Troop 49 this is Mrs. Jennifer McCarthy.

In Troop 49 the Charter Exec and Charter Org Rep have the authority to approve all adult applicants; they also have the same authority to remove any adult or youth if a circumstance is great enough to warrant this to happen. In the latter they will consult with the Council office first. The Scoutmaster and Committee Chair on an equal level; the Scoutmaster is the one running the youth program with assistance from the Assistant Scoutmasters whereas the Committee Chair is the one running the business side of the troop with assistance from the Troop Committee. Both rely on the other for success of the Troop and positions are viewed with equal responsibility and authority.

Troop Structure

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Troop Organizational Chart.pdf  

Roundtable Schedule

Roundtable is a meeting put on by the Potawatomi Area Council, for all units in the Council.

It is held the first Wednesday of every month, from 7pm to 8pm, at St. John's Lutheran Church, 20275 Davidson Rd. in Brookfield, from September to May. 

The meeting is great opportunity to meet other leaders and the PAC staff, learn about activities going on in the Council, and bring important information back to the Troop.

We need at least two adults to attend the meeting each month.  If you can attend or need more information, please contact Martin Castillo at .

I say this all the time, I have the best job in scouting, I get to work with the future leaders of our world and that includes every scout. There are so many good people out there both adults and youth.
--Troop 49 Committee Member