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Boy Scout Troop 49
(Oconomowoc, Wisconsin)
ScoutLander Contact Our Troop Member Login
Troop 49 has registered with Scoutbook. PLEASE LOG ON TO CHECK IT OUT:

Scoutbook is a web application designed for mobile devices. Scoutbook delivers a suite of easy-to-use Web-based tools that are helpful to Scouts, parents and unit leaders. It enables units to better communicate, update records, track advancement and manage activities.

Scoutbook is a secure platform that provides a safe way for parents, Scouts, and leaders to record, track, and manage their Scouting experience. Personally identifiable information will be kept secure. Unit leaders can see Scout advancement information as well as training data on other unit volunteers.

Scoutbook is an app, but it’s a web app. That means you’ll be able to use it if you have an iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry — or even (gasp!) your PC or tablet. There’s nothing to download. You’ll just type the URL,, into your browser on a smartphone, tablet or computer. The secure website knows which device you’re using, so it’ll load in a format that looks great on screens big and small. Scoutbook lives in the cloud on an encrypted server. That means if your computer crashes or you lose your phone, all that hard work doesn’t disappear. It also means multiple leaders — and the Scouts themselves — can share in the advancement-tracking duties.

Wait, the Scouts themselves? Yes, one of the best things about Scoutbook is that Scouts can use it too. Scouts can fulfill some of the duties of their position of responsibility, upload photos of their work on merit badge requirements, or share how much fun they had on the last campout with a video — all from Scoutbook. Parents can use it to keep an eye on their son's progress toward ranks and awards.

Scoutbook’s tagline is no exaggeration. It really is “the whole Scouting experience rolled into one amazing web app.” Scoutbook is owned by the BSA and information on Scoutbook is synced with the BSA record of each scout.

How it works? Parents will be sent a password by email and invited to join Scoutbook. They will then have access to their son's records.

Parents can then invite their son to join. How? Go to the scout's profile and scroll to the very bottom of the page. Select "INVITE --- TO jOIN". (Scouts must have their own email address to join.)

Whether the scout joins right away or not, parents should help their son complete their profile and other records. Get out your Scout Book and use the dates to confirm or complete the following: Check Rank Advancement and Merit Badge dates in the Advancement Record. Enter Awards, Leadership Position dates, Training, Service, Camping nights, and Hiking miles. All entries will be confirmed by the Advancement Chair and then marked 'Approved'.

Once a scout has joined, they can communicate with other scouts and Troop adults. Whenever a communication with a scout is made, the parent is sent a copy of the communication. Communication can be made by email or text (if a text number is in the profile).

It is important to note that the Advancement Chair will continue to require actual Blue Cards for Merit Badges and dates in the Scout Book before advancements will be approved in the Scoutbook app. Scoutbook is a great way to log Scout achievements and archive activities. The app also has a calendar feature and will be used in the future to send reminders for activities.

Scoutlander will continue as the Troop website. Scoutbook will be used to record individual scout achievements and for communication.

Scoutbook is available to all scout parents free of charge. The Troop has purchased a membership for each scout at $1 per scout per year. In doing so we are connected as a Troop, can communicate, and approve advancements.

Please direct any questions to Jennifer McCarthy at